Throwing your own baby shower… that taboo or is it okay these days??

baby shower decorTraditionally a close friend or relative is supposed to throw you a baby shower. But now (2013) do we have to be so traditional or can we just throw it ourselves and invite the people we want to invite.

Reason I bring this up…is it is almost time to start planning mine.

Last time I ended up having 4 baby showers. THIS WAS NOT ON PURPOSE! It just happened that way. A friend of mine threw me a baby shower which included work friends and non-work friends.  And back then I had a few “inappropriate” friends that I wasn’t quite ready to introduce to my work friends….so I decided to throw my own party/baby shower. The one I through was a baby shower but it was also a BBQ/party for ALL of our friends. Inappropriate, long-time friends and drinking buddies….everyone that I thought would get along great (with no judgment).  Then I was surprised with a work baby shower….which was a wonderful surprise that caught me off guard. And the 4th shower……I went home to visit my family in California and they threw me one too.

It was so nice of all of my friends and family that I had which participated and threw me parties….but I was contemplating on how to do it this year.

I no longer have inappropriate friends. I lost most of my friends when I had a kid. Needless to say…most of my friends were young and weren’t ready for the “kid” scene. Most of my friends either just stopped calling or they defriended me on Facebook. So no more communication. (I guess I found out who my real friends are.) My real friends are the ones that stuck around after I had a kid. Yes…my schedule changed and my life changed because I wasn’t able to go out and party (as much!) but I am still a person and a friend – even if I don’t drink as much or go clubbing til 2 am.  I thought a friendship should have lasted past those small details. And I know it was a little awkward going out with me in the beginning because all I can think about when I go out is:

  • “Is my baby ok??”
  • “Man I am tired.”
  • “I have to be up at 7am…I’m not sure I can make it on 5 hours of sleep.”
  • “This is rough…I’m not in my 20’s anymore.”

But by the time I grew out of that phase….the friends were gone.

So I no longer have to separate my “so-called” friends. I can have one big party/BBQ/Baby Shower and invite everyone.  And most of the friends I have now are either out of state or have their own stuff going on. So for the hubby and I…It just seemed easier to plan it ourselves. That way he can invite his friends and I can invite mine.  And everyone can come and have a good time… or no gift……

But then I am back to… it tacky to plan your own party (when there are gifts involved)???

Will people think that I am only throwing the party to get their gifts???

Is it better going the traditional route…and have someone else (close friend or relative) plan it???


2 comments on “Throwing your own baby shower… that taboo or is it okay these days??

  1. All your true friends won’t care who throws it, they will show with or without gifts because they love you and your family. If I could I would show up for evryone of them because you mean that much and more to me.

  2. My husband planned most of my baby shower. Traditional etiquette would say that’s not okay and if you were to post this on a message board (like they would all blast you and say heck no. That being said, I don’t care about etiquette or tradition and I don’t think it matters. My husband threw me a shower because he wanted to and there was so much going on in everyone’s lives. It worked out, he enlisted the help of some of my friends and it all came together. I think if you want to, go for it!

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