Nesting Phase @ 25 Weeks

nesting 2Well…its official. The nesting phase has begun. I have to admit…with my son I never really went through the nesting phase. I of course made sure we had everything we needed. All the essentials (and more). But I didn’t go around the house cleaning and organizing. But with this one…it’s a different story. I have gone a little overboard.

I have been cleaning like crazy the last week or so. I even talked my hubby into cleaning with me. He of course had to do all of the heavy lifting but I was there to organize.

I first convinced him to spend our whole weekend cleaning out the backyard storage. There was A LOT of heavy lifting with that job. OH and did I mention that it was 110 degrees in Arizona that day. My poor hubby was working hard that day. I worked pretty hard myself. I was beet red, back hurting, and swollen by the end of the day. So happily…my hubby and I jumped in the pool for an hour or so to cool off. Then we vegged on the couch the rest of the night. Also…lucky for us my mother in law took Little D to visit his cousins for a few hours and he came back asleep. So it was an adult day…all day. Yay us! We spent it cleaning!! Pitiful!!!!

Then the next day, I again I convinced my lovely hubby to clean out the garage. I was getting to a point where I couldn’t get in and out of the car. My belly would squeeze between the door and the car. So we had to move quite a few buckets. Then the buckets turned into moving shelves. Then moving shelves turned into organizing. And of course because I was tired from the day before and it was again a lovely 106 degrees outside…with humidity….(we got the humidity because of the monsoons) I decided that I would move some of the buckets from in the house to the storage and the garage. Oh yeah…and I had to organize them first. So my wonderful hubby ended up working outside in the heat and humidity by himself for hours while I worked inside in the AC. By the end of the day my poor hubby was delirious. But we got the garage and most of one of the rooms cleaned out. I have to look at the positive right?!?!

I couldn’t do much cleaning during the week. The hubby had knee surgery on Tuesday I was stuck to working my day job and taking care of little D. Not much cleaning got done but I did try. Then Friday came around and I took the day off of work to clean. I know…PITIFUL!!!!! But I figured…Its easier to clean the house without a toddler running around making a mess of everything. So we took him to day care/school and the cleaning began. I did a full on, scrub down cleaning of the whole house. And I mean dishes, laundry, bleach, Lysol, toilets, showers, spot remover on the carpets….the whole 9 yards. My hubby felt bad watching me clean so he helped by shredding old papers that we didn’t need anymore. And by the time we had to pick up little man from day care…mommy and daddy were beat.

Needless to say….today (Saturday) was a complete relax day. No cleaning. No moving. No water park. No anything. We literally sat on the couch all day and did nothing. It was great! It gave me a chance to get off my feet and let my tummy relax. (my tummy was a little sore yesterday)

But tomorrow (Sunday)…now that is another story. More cleaning for me….I already have a list in my head of things that need to be done.

  • Move the office furniture into the spare bedroom – making it a guest room/office
  • Organize all of my DVD’s in alphabetical order (about 1000 of them)
  • Organize the books on the library shelves
  • Clean out the old office room of all things (completely bare)
  • Turn the old office into the babies room
  • Put up the crib and changing table
  • Choose a color for the baby room
  • Choose a décor for the baby room
  • Go through the bucket of bottles and decide which ones are re-usable
  • Go through the bucket of baby stuff and see what we can re-use
  • Do the baby registry for any missing items
  • Plan my baby shower/BBQ party

3 months to go……14 weeks actually….but who is counting.

Doesn’t seem like enough time to do all of these things!!!! Guess I better start now! Damn this nesting phase!!!!!


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