25 week update

Well….I am 25 weeks today!!!! YAY!!!!!  14 weeks to go!

Its been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I would give an update.

I had my ultrasound last week and all looked well. The baby is growing as she should be. The cysts are the same size…no growing…yay!!!! She actually smiled at us at the ultrasound. It was cool. In the first picture she looked like she was sleeping and then it slowly morphed into a smile. It was so cute!  24 weeksI also went to my doctors appointment and had all my questions answered. The answers may not have been what I wanted but they were answered.

Here are my questions….see if you like the answers:

Question: I am only 24 weeks…should my belly be this hard already??? Im only comfortable when I lay down.

Answer: That is totally normal. You are carrying her in the front so all of the pressure is in the front.

Question: She kicks A LOT. And when she kicks sometimes it makes me woozy. Not nauseous…like she is kicking my stomach but woozy.

Answer: Well I don’t really have an answer for the woozy part. I can actually say that I have never heard that one before. But I can tell you that I don’t think its anything to worry about.

(insert confused face here)

Question: I have a painful orgasm. Is that normal?? It hurts anywhere from 15 min – an hour after.

Answer: Yes that is normal. As long as it’s a continuous cramp and not a “cramp-no cramp….cramp-no-cramp” feeling. You can just take a motrin if it hurts that bad.

(insert another confused face here) – all I keep thinking is its going to take the motrin 15-30 minutes to kick in. the cramps will be gone by then! What’s the point!!!

Question: Im tired ALL THE TIME and its hard to breathe. This didn’t happen until my 8th month last time. I HAVE TO HOLD UP MY BOOBS TO BREATH MAN!!!!! Not cool!!!

Answer: haha….totally normal. With the 2nd kid you tend to feel things happen earlier than your first.

Question: What are the risks that I need to be aware of with the velamentous cord insertion??

Answer: Your main risk is the babies growth restrictions. But then again you also have that risk with your age. So that is why we are doing the growth test ultrasound every 4 weeks. To make sure you are on track.

(insert happy face here) – I was happy to here that I only have 1 major risk compared to the 5 or 6 that I read about.

Question: How will this work with the surgery?? Can we do everything at once??

Answer: We will schedule the C section and we will do all of the other surgeries at the same time. The surgery will take longer but it will all be done.

  • C-Section
  • Cyst Removal
  • Tubal Ligation
  • Skin Restoration (fixing the scar on my tummy from my last surgery)

(insert happy but scared face here) – I am excited that I will be getting them all done at the same time but I am also nervous.  Having a newborn and a toddler around at the same time as healing from all of this…..seems a little tough…but I think I can do it. No….I will do it! I will take what comes my way. (positive thinking..right???)I have a wonderful husband who is there for me when I need him. My mother has offered to come and help. It will all work out.

And slowly my happy but scared face is morphing into a happy/determined “I can do it” face.

We will see how it goes…..


2 comments on “25 week update

  1. Glad to see that baby girl is well! Such an adorable ultrasound!! I’m not just saying that either, this is coming from ultrasound queen haha that is a super cute ultrasound. I’m glad that the majority of your questions were anSwered (somewhat lol) and that you are hitting milestones (almost at 28 weeks!!) . Looking forward to updates !

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