My “Not so Lucky” Trip to Chicago

For months I was looking forward to my trip to Chicago. I was going for my besties wedding. And I planned extra days so I could do the touristy thing in downtown Chicago. We got the family packed and we were ready to go. Well…apparently fate wasn’t ready for us to go. Our trip to Chicago ended up being one bad incident after another.

It all started with a cancelled flight. The flight we chose was the first of the morning. The 7am flight. Therefore…mom, dad, baby and grandma were up at 430 am taking wake-up showers and packing the car. We get a call right before we leave the house that our flight was cancelled due to delays. Not sure how your flight can be cancelled for delays if it’s the first one (Of course we found out later it was for weather) but we call to see if we can get on another flight. They tell us the only one available is the midnight flight. Im SO ready to be out there…since we are losing a whole day in Chicago that I agree to it. I don’t really take into account that we will have a toddler on a plane at midnight. And the flight is only 3 hours. So needless to say….3 hours of sleep for a toddler was NOT a good idea.

We finally arrive in Chicago at 5am (time difference) and we go to the Budget for our car rental. We originally purchased our car rental through Priceline. We called them when the flight was cancelled and asked them what we need to do. They told us that we have a 24 hour window to pick up the car without being cancelled. Well they were WRONG!!!!! We got to Budget and they had no reservation for us. We called Priceline while at Budget and we got the run around on the phone and they kept disconnecting the line….probably on purpose. We were so tired and burnt out that we decided to just pay for a car again and go to the hotel so we could sleep.  So after paying for a car TWICE….we finally get our car and go to the hotel.

We get to the hotel and check into our room. We decide that we all need to sleep instead of doing the touristy thing….so we all go to our rooms and crash for a few hours. As a group we all decided that we will still try the touristy thing…even though its late. So we all wake up from our 3 hour nap, get dressed and hope in the car. Well….apparently we didn’t look at the time and take into account that it was a weekday and after work traffic time…so it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get to downtown Chicago. When it should have been 30 min. And when we get to the beach….it starts raining. We drive around to the Navy Pier and it starts pouring. So instead of doing the touristy thing….we drive around the city looking at stuff through the rain covered window and decide this really sucks…. so we start to drive back to the hotel.

And of course to top it all off my son gets sick during the drive home. Before we left he drank some milk that was left on the counter. The milk was sitting out for about 4 hours. So it was nice and old and warm. Well…during the drive back to the hotel…it started to kick in. My pour little boy was stuck in the car for 3 hours with an upset tummy. We had to pull over A LOT so he can go to the bathroom. The poor thing had the runs.  Then when we are about 20 minutes to the hotel…his little body decides that it just wants this milk out of him….and he projectile vomits the milk all over himself, his car seat and me (since I was in the back with him). The rest of that drive my head was out the window trying not to throw up myself. Rotten milk is probably the worst smell EVER!!!! Especially when you are pregnant! I was able to mask the smell by covering it with a towel and we finally made it to the hotel.

We all decided as a family that we will give the touristy thing a try ONE MORE TIME the next day. We had some wedding stuff to do at 2pm so we had to start early. So all that meant to me and my baby boy was another night of no sleep. We knew there was going to be a parade that day and we didn’t want to drive and be stuck in traffic. So we took the train. Well that was a bad idea too.

We get on the train (which was packed). We had to stand. And of course my tired baby boy wanted mommy to hold him. So I did. And NO ONE on that Chicago train offered up their seat to a pregnant woman holding a toddler. WHAT HAPPEN TO CHIVALRY!!! We finally get there and our goal was to get to the architecture and take pictures and then walk to the Navy Pier to let the kids have a little fun. We get about 10 blocks in and arrive at Millennium Park (which is where all of the architecture is). Security tells us that the WHOLE park is CLOSED. Therefore, no pictures of the architecture and no walking through the park to avoid the parade. They then tell us that the only way to get to the Navy Pier is to walk all the way around the park and then over to the pier (which is another 11-15) blocks or more. We are all tired. We have a pregnant woman (me), 4 kids and 7 adults. So we say FORGET IT and we walk the 10 blocks back to the train station.

We get there pretty early so there are no lines. But then I have to pee and so does my son. I wasn’t worried. Everyone was at the parade so I didn’t think anything about going to the bathroom. Well I get back to where we are waiting for the train and there are tons of people waiting on the same train. There is no where for me to go. I couldn’t get through. People were ignoring me and pushing me. It was so bad my son started pushing back. I couldn’t take it any more so I stopped. I called my hubby to tell him where I was and while I was trying to tell him my brain was processing what it was seeing. We were all packed in there like sardines and I couldn’t move. My claustrophobia started to kick in….and PANIC ATTACK! I started shaking and crying and I turned beat read and sweat was pouring down my back.  Next thing I know my hubby is next to me pulling me through the crowd to the front of the line where the rest if my family was. I am pretty sure I freaked everyone out with how I looked. I couldn’t stop crying. They were asking me if they could take the baby from me…it might make me feel better. But all I knew was he was my security blanket. I felt safe with him in my arms. I couldn’t imagine letting him go. It was like a furnace in there…with my 3 body heats…but I couldn’t let him go. Of course our train was late. An hour late. But we finally got on the train. My body finally cooled down and I stopped crying. Thank God!!!!! What a mess!!!!

The rest of the night I have to say was good. We did wedding stuff. We got our nails done. Went to dinner. And then went our after. It was a good time. FINALLY!

The next day was the wedding…and I have to say it was another good day. We spent the morning setting up the reception area and putting together the flowers for the wedding. Then we got ready and arrived. The wedding went off without a hitch. We took pictures. My hubby officiated the wedding. I was the maid of honor and the wedding was beautiful. The reception…not so great.  (for me)

Everything looked great…all went well except for me. I was so busy with the wedding that I didn’t eat. I ate breakfast that morning but I didn’t get to eat again until dinner was served around 6pm. The appetizers were gone by the time we got there…since we were in the photos. So I was starving. Then my hubby and his dad had been giving me a hard time about the toast. I am the type of person that will avoid talking at all costs. My bestie knew this and was ok with me not giving the toast. Instead she asked her brother to do the toast. But of course because my hubby and his dad were giving me a hard time all week…it made me feel like maybe my bestie was unhappy about it but didn’t want to tell me that. So I tried to get up the nerve to do the toast. And 1 minute before it was time for me to go up there….PANIC ATTACK! I was freaking out. I couldn’t move. I was stuck in my seat. I couldn’t look at anyone. All I could do was cry. I even tried to apologize to my bestie and her new hubby and I broke down crying again.  PITIFUL!!!

Then…panic attack was over…toasts were over and dinner was finally being served. I looked down and noticed they didn’t serve me. Everyone is done with their salad and I never got one. I was so busy panicking that I didn’t notice that I still haven’t eaten. I tell the servers, they apologize and they bring me my food around 7pm. I eat a little and the dancing starts. My son (who is still running on about 8 hours sleep) passes out on my lap. And those of you with toddlers know they need at least 12-13 hours of sleep. So instead of dancing…I was stuck holding the sleeping baby. Time goes by and he wakes up. I knew this meant trouble for me later (since it was about 8pm when he woke up)…but at least I get to dance a little. We dance. We laugh. We have some fun and then BAM!!!!! My son trips and falls right into a chair and busts open his lip. He has a small cut underneath but the whole upper lip is purple and sticking out like he has a grape under his lip. He’s crying and uncomfortable. I am getting tired. And we have to get up early tomorrow for another “attempt” at being a tourist. I finally convince my hubby to take me back to the hotel.

The next morning is an early one again. We are packed and ready for the airport. We drive into the city to try and see the sights before we go. We get to Millennium park and we FINALLY get to see the bean and the water towers. But of course the kids see the water and don’t want to leave….so we are stuck there. No more touristy stuff for me. We stay at the water towers for about an hour and then its time to go home.  Finally….things start going right. We drop the car off, we got to the airport on time, we get home on time and we get to finally get a good nights sleep.

chicago 2 chicagoMy Chicago trip was unlucky but nice. I got to hang out with family for a week, I participated in a beautiful wedding and on the last day I finally got to see a few of the touristy parts of Chicago.  I’m just glad to be home.


2 comments on “My “Not so Lucky” Trip to Chicago

  1. I absolutely love the city of Chicago and think it’s one of the most beautiful cities in our country! We have good friends there and try to visit when we can. But man, I’m feeling so bad that one horrible thing after another seemed to happen to you! Hopefully you can go again in a couple of years and you will have a completely different positive experience! Glad the wedding went well, minus your poor son splitting open his lip! Seems like you couldn’t catch a break. Rest up 🙂

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