It’s a Girl!!!!

Im 18 weeks pregnant….almost ½ way done! We got our 18 week ultrasound yesterday and it went well. We found out for sure that it is a girl. Yay!!! No more maybe’s! No more blue and red and black and superheros. Now its princesses, tutu’s, dancers and girlie stuff. Our lives are about to be infused with pink, yellow and purple stuff.  Not that a girl cant have blue and red BUT I get enough of those colors with my little boy. Im ready for some girl stuff!18 weeks-girlAs for the rest of the ultrasound it went pretty good. She was moving like crazy. She apparently didn’t like being on camera because every time we tried to get a good shot she would move or put her hand in front of her face. So sassy! Already! Im in trouble! Dawon Jr loved it though. He enjoyed seeing his sister on the TV screen. He kept petting the screen saying… “Hello baby sister. See you soon!”

Then when it came to the cyst the ultrasound tech was very talkative and answered all of our questions. Which was a nice change. They usually make small talk and when it comes to my cysts they keep a little quiet. Its like they don’t want to assume anything or scare me in any way….so they avoid talking about it. But this lady was pretty informative. I try to tell them that I have been through this twice. And I end up tell them what I see.

I still don’t have the official report yet….but unofficially it looks good. The cysts have not grown. One of them seems to have merged with  the other. So I went from 3 cysts to 2 cysts. The size is still the same so that is a plus. One is 4cm and the other is 2cm….which makes the ovary a total of 6cm.

And I have to say…I am happy that its still only 6cm. By this time in the pregnancy with my son my cyst was 15cm. So this is promising that it wont get too big throughout the pregnancy. I am assuming that my OB is going to tell me that we will not do surgery during pregnancy. We will let it grow right along with the baby. And since I am having a C-section then they will just take it out at the same time.

But again this is unofficial. I go to see my OB in 2 weeks to get the official version…so I will let you know then.

Until then…yay it’s a girl!!!!!!!!


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