My Version of Sex While Pregnant

DISCLAIMER: For some of my friends and family….some of this post can be TMI. To me this post is tame…but I will let you decide that.

Some studies say that sex can be great while you are pregnant. They also say that women really want sex “BAD” while they are pregnant. Well my thought on that….is…every pregnancy is different. Don’t have that expectation with every pregnancy. If you get pregnant multiple times…then you may have those feelings with one and not the other. Or you may not have them at all.

I am one of the women that had it with one pregnancy and not the other. With my first pregnancy…I liked sex. I wanted sex. Sex was fun. And with this one….not so much. I don’t mind having sex….but there are some things that bother me more with this pregnancy than it did on the last pregnancy.

First….my favorite awkward feeling is my stomach and boobs (which are extremely sore) bouncing up and down. It feels like I have a mountain moving around in my abdominal area. It just feels awkward. So instead of enjoying sex…like I should be…I am holding my stomach and my sore boobs in place so they don’t give me a black eye or a stomach ache.

My next favorite is pregnancy annoyance is being tired. I have been so tired with this pregnancy that we have had to plan our sex. Not plan it as in…we are going to have sex at 5pm tomorrow and its on my calendar. It’s more like…I have to tell my hubby that if he wants to get some…he better do it before 10pm. After 10pm my body shuts down and I have passed out. No matter where I am. I could be sitting at the kitchen table talking with someone and I will pass out. And to some….10pm doesn’t sound too bad. It sounds like we could do it before then…but no. In reality…we have a toddler that doesn’t go to sleep until 9-930pm. Therefore, we have a 1 hour window of trying to sneak in a little adult play time (as long as we have nothing to do). And don’t get me wrong…we have tried the day time fun too….but again with a toddler…time is limited. We have to wait for his nap and then make sure we have nothing that needs to be done without a kid around. THEN…we have time. WELL…..after reading this post…I guess that is not just a pregnancy annoyance that kind of meshed with a parenting annoyance. Haha

And for now….my last complaint and also my biggest complaint…. is the big O. And this complaint will most likely only pertain to me (and not all pregnant women). The big O is my favorite part of sex. It’s everyone’s favorite part of sex. BUT with this pregnancy…my big O feels good for about a minute and then the pain arrives. My tummy is tight and I get stomach cramps for about 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong…I am never going to turn down a big O…..BUT…every time I need to console myself for 30 minutes…..telling myself… “It was worth it! It was worth it!” I then massage my tummy until the tightness and cramping goes away…then I am fine. But talk about a downer. Everyone looks forward to the O. The O is great! But for me…my euphoria only lasts for 1 minute. (enter sad face here)

For now I think I will stop with the rant. There is probably more I can complain about but I will leave it alone. I am just hoping that I am not the only pregnant woman who has most of these complaints…..


4 comments on “My Version of Sex While Pregnant

  1. Hi April,
    Loved this post! I really liked your honesty and sarcasm! I’m a producer at HuffPost Live (the live-streaming network with The Huffington Post) and tomorrow we’re hosting a discussion about sex while pregnant at 1:30pm EST. After reading your post, we’d love to have you join us as a guest via webcam. Would you be interested in participating? Please let me know, and I’d be happy to fill you in with more details. Feel free to email me at if you’re interested.


    • I am truly honored that you would ask me…but sadly I will have to decline. I will be at work all day tomorrow (in meetings that I cant get out of). Thank you so much for the offer though!!!!!!! I will definitely watch it when I get home though!

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