Wrestling With Mom

avengersMy son has recently fallen in love with the Avengers. His favorite character is Hulk. And every day he plays Avengers with my hubby. They chase each other through the house changing characters. As soon as my son realizes that he is losing the fight he will change his character to be the one that wins. Its pretty entertaining seeing them run through the house being Thor and throwing imaginary hammers or being Captain America and throwing imaginary shields or my favorite…being Hulk and growling loud and then wrestling to the ground.

Well the other day I was sitting at my desk working and my hubby happen to be home early so of course they were playing Avengers. My son looked at me with his cute little face and said:

Little D: Come mommy. Play. You Captain America.

Me: ok baby (as I get out of my chair and wobble over to the living room floor where they are playing)

Little D: I HULK!!! RRRAARRRRR……  (as he jumps on my back and growls)

Me: Oh No Hulk Don’t get me….hahahaha

He then jumps off my back and starts to wrestle with dad….and dad decides to be funny and tackle me to the floor and growl.

Hubby/dad: Raaarrrrrr…now Im Hulk!!  (as we all fall to the floor)

Me: Noooo!!!! (I pretend scream) then start laughing…..

Well…my son didn’t like that at all!!!!  He saw my hubby tackle me and he freaked out! In his serious son voice he yelled:


Dad and I giggled a little at how cute that response was and then my hubby got off of me.

Hubby/dad: I was just playing buddy. Im not going to hurt mommy. Its ok. Mommy’s ok.

Little D: Mommy you ok?  (he said as he came over to me and hugged me tight. He kissed my face.)

Me: Im ok buddy. Mommy’s ok.

Then the playing was over. I was no longer allowed to play Avengers baby and daddy.

As I type this out I am reminded how cute he is. He is only 2 and his protective side came out and put an end to that possibility. At least I know my baby has my back if daddy decides to go off the deep end one day. Haha


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