A Boys Infatuation With His Penis

Being a teenage girl, you see a boys infatuation with his penis. Heck….being an adult woman you can see a man’s infatuation with his penis. Its all they think about really. BUT…when having a toddler boy you get a whole new experience in how and when boys become infatuated with their penis.

As those of you that follow my blog you know….my son is 2 ½ years old. My boy loves to run around naked. He hates clothes. I have to make him to put clothes on while people are here. And the chore is to have him “keep” them on while they are here. My son’s new favorite thing is his penis. Or as we call it in this house…his “weewee”.

He holds it all day long. Then he does funny stuff…like use it as a sword or rub it on everything or push it all the way into his body…then says:

Little D: look mom…my weewee is gone?  HA HA Oh no!!!!

Me: Yes I see that. Now stop doing that. Thank you!

Or then we get the fun game of:

Little D: hey mom, look?

Me: Yes? (as I turn to look at him…I see that his pants are at his knees)

Little D: This is my weewee!  Hahahaha

Me: Yes I see that you have a weewee. Now put it away. And remember buddy…you cant do that at school ok? No pulling out your weewee anywhere. Its ok that you are doing it here with mommy and daddy because you are being funny and we are your mommy and daddy. BUT you cannot show anyone else your weewee, ok?

Little D: But why?

Me: Because your weewee is for you to see only. You are not supposed to show it to your friends or other people until you are grown up like mommy and daddy.

Little D: But why?

Me: Because your weewee is yours. Its your private parts. And your private parts are for you only. No one else.

Little D: But why?

Me: Im out of answers bud…you tell me?

Little D: Because MY weewee. And no friends. And mine.

Me: You got it buddy!

The thing that I don’t get is….why does he have to rub it on everything, why does he have to tug it all day long, why is it the focus of all of his attention. Being a girl….it confuses me. You don’t see girls running around rubbing their boobs on everything, or playing with their boobs all day. And girls “usually” don’t start flashing their boobs until college and that’s usually because there is booze involved. My hubby says I don’t get the penis infatuation because I don’t have one.

I guess I will just have to live with that answer.


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