Waterpark: too young for slides?

water slideThis year my hubby and I bought season passes to the water park for ourselves and our 2 ½ year old. Our son loves to be in the water. And its always so hot here in Arizona and now that he is 2 ½ and can appreciate a water park…then it seemed to be worth it this year. I will let you know if it was a good deal for us at the end of the season. And like all water parks there is a section for babies and toddlers and a section for under 7 years old. We went to the park on Sat and Sun this weekend…and it was a blast. Our little man had so much fun that he passed out in the car on the way home. And to top it off we were only there for 2 hours each time.

On Sunday my son asked to try something different. He started pointing at the slides. You know…the BIG WINDING slides that scare the poop out of most adults. Well…my hubby (being the giver that he is) said OK!!! And we started off to find a slide that was age appropriate. We asked around and they sent us over to the Dragon Tail slide.

We get to the Dragon Tail slide and it’s a monstrous slide. I see adults coming barreling out of the tube into the water with smiles….and I also see 4-5 year olds coming out of the slide in the sitting position at a slower pace. I am assuming that the sitting slowed them down but then I remember we are talking about my 2 ½ year old. My hubby keeps saying he can do it…he will be fine….and all I keep thinking is…this is going to traumatize my baby. We are doing this before he is ready.

Now when I say we are doing this before he is ready…I mean it. My son cant even swim yet! He is scared to put his face under water for Heaven’s sake! But my hubby is stuck on the fact that my son is a big boy and he can do it. So reluctantly I let them walk up the big staircase. He waves to me at the top and signals that they are coming down. Looking in fear…staring at the opening of the slide…I wait nervously for my baby to come out. I look over to the side and they come walking down the stairs.  He tells me my son has to pee…so he takes him to the bathroom. When he gets back he reiterates that they are “still” going down. The problem is they told him that the baby would have to go by himself. Dad and baby cant go together the first time to see if the baby will even be ok with the whole thing. Again…in my head I am a little panicked. Im thinking my son is going to come out of the opening of the slide….go under water…and scare the beeswax out of himself because mom and dad are not there to pull him out.

I am not sure what changed my hubby’s mind but as Im sitting there going through the scenarios in my head….he tells me they are not doing it. It could have been my worried face (which I doubt) or the fact that they wouldn’t let them ride together or the fact that they wouldn’t let us sit at the bottom and wait for him to come out so we could pull him out of the water…..but THANKFULLY…they didn’t do it. All I could think was THANK GOD!!!

So now that my worry is gone….my question now is….how young is too young to go down one of those slides at a water park????


4 comments on “Waterpark: too young for slides?

  1. I wouldn’t let him go solo if he cannot swim. If they let him ride on a lap then some of them may be okay. You know his activity level with normal slides so i would gage it based on that. But no solo until he can actually swim and keep his head out of the water.

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