Pink Eye

Pink eye is one of the nastiest illnesses that a kid can get. Its highly contagious. And you know kids….they cant keep their hands away from their eyes. So it starts in one eye…then moves to both eyes…then they surprise you with a nice face touch and BAM!…it moves to mommy and daddy’s eyes.

Its just as bad a stomach bug. It transfers to everyone in the house. It makes you feel like crap. Your eyes hurt and burn. Every time you blink it feels like your eyelids are covered in sandpaper. And of course for a toddler…its worse because they don’t know how to express themselves as well. When something hurts they want to touch it to show you.

This was the conversation I had today:

Little D: Mommy…my eye hurts right here….. (as he pokes his eye with his finger)

Me: Baby….don’t touch your eye

Little D: But my eye hurts right here ….. (as he pokes BOTH of his eyes with his finger) – mind you he only has it in one eye so far

Me: You cant touch your eye because your eye is sick. And if you touch your other eye then your other eye can get sick

Little D: Why?

Me: because your spreading the yuckiness from one eye to the other when you touch it

Little D: Why?

Me: because that’s how it works

Little D: Why?

Me: I don’t know baby. Mommy ran out of answers. You tell me why?

Little D: Eye sick. Not touch dis one and see Dr. Mike and fix my eye. My eye sick.

Me: You got it! You are so smart….you said it way better than mommy did.

I think I am going to have to have this conversation every day until it goes away. I am just hoping and praying that it doesn’t spread to mommy and daddy…because that would really suck!!


2 comments on “Pink Eye

  1. Aww poor lol guy. You will batch it all at preschool. Time to disinfect EVERYTHING. I’m lovin the convo. Such a cure kid.

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