Sleep Positions While Pregnant

vena cavaThey tell you that once you get into your 2nd trimester of pregnancy you are not to sleep on your back. The weight from your tummy puts pressure on your back and the veins in your lower back, stopping the blood flow from your lower half of your body to your heart. Which in turn lowers the blood flow to the baby. You can try to help this process by using a pillow between your legs. The pillow helps in multiple ways. It helped to stop you from rolling onto your back but it also helps to relieve the pressure from the weight in your top leg pushing on your lower belly. You can use any pillow really. They make special ones for pregnant women but I just use a regular one. I couldn’t see using a pillow that is bigger than my hubby. There is one that literally surrounds you but I don’t like being laid on while I sleep…let alone being surrounded by something.

Then…it’s a given that you cant lay on your stomach. So then what is left….your 2 sides….thats it?!?! This sucks! Being that I have cysts on my right side and they are tender when I lay on my right side…..I am now limited to sleeping on my left side ONLY. Again I say….This sucks! And apparently the pillow between the legs doesn’t stop everyone from rolling over half way through the night because every time I wake up to go pee (which to admit is more often than not) I always seem to wake up on my back. I try to remedy this problem by taking the pillow from between my legs and stuffing it behind my back. It works for a while but somehow the pillow finds the floor and I am once again on my back. OR I have laid on my left side so long that my arm has fallen asleep and I have run out of positions to lay, so I take the pain and lay on my right side.

Needless to say this has definitely affected my sleep habits. I toss and turn a lot. I wake myself up because I am worried that I am sleeping on my back for too long. And I pee so much in the middle of the night that I never truly get REM sleep. This is going to be a long 6 months.  It was already a long 2 years thanks to my toddler who is light sleeper….and WAIT…now that I think about this…I need to rephrase.

It was a long sleepless 2 years with my toddler, this is going to be a long 9 months of restless sleep with this pregnancy and it will be another long sleepless 2 years with this next kid.  Sounds to me like once these 5 years are up – I’m not going to know what REM sleep is let alone experience it.

Ohhhhh good, deep sleep….how I miss you…….


4 comments on “Sleep Positions While Pregnant

  1. I felt very ill if I laid on my back when I was pregnant (very long 20 week ultrasound was torture). I remember people saying ‘ooh bet you can’t wait to sleep on your stomach again’, but I was all about wanting to lay comfortably on my back! Hopefully you get some comfort soon!

  2. Hi.
    I just find this blogs when i was looking for the best way of sleeping for my wife who is pregnat.
    Thanks for your tips….

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