13 Weeks

Ok…good news first….

I have to admit….I think week 12 – week 13 is a miracle week. I have gone 3 days without feeling nauseous. Yeah me! We will see if this miracle week continues to be a miracle month or a miracle 8 months. We can only hope! I have my appetite back. Granted I still have A LOT of food aversions…but at least I can eat. SOOO excited about that!

Now for the not so good news….

A few days ago I started feeling the symptoms from the cysts. I wasn’t sure when they would show but I knew they would. And I didn’t think they would show so early. So far this pregnancy/cyst issue is mirroring my previous pregnancy/cyst issue. Then yesterday I got the results of my ultrasound and confirmed that thought. They cysts have not multiplied but they have grown. And so far they are ½ the size of the one I had removed a couple years ago. So they are right on track. Sadly…

The symptoms I am feeling so far:

  • Nausea when I touch the right side of my belly (or if I lay on my right side)
  • Woozy/lightheaded when I touch the right side of my belly (or if I lay on my right side)
  • Dull continuous pain when something touches my right side
  • Sharp pain when I stretch or reach my arm out too far
  • Sharp pain when laugh too hard or cough or sneeze
  • Weird taste in my mouth

And so far because of the symptoms I have and the fact that they are still growing…surgery is looking more like a probability rather than a possibility. I have another ultrasound at 16 weeks and if they have grown again and I cant deal with the issues that I listed above – then I’m having surgery. I am going to try to take the pain and the annoyance of the symptoms above for 3 more weeks…and go from there. But if I cant take the pain…the surgery will be scheduled before then. Fingers crossed it wont have to be.


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