It’s FB official!

12 weeks pregoFor those of you that know me well you already know that I am pregnant. They tell you to wait until you are between 12 and 20 weeks pregnant to tell people. Well I couldn’t hold it in. I started writing about it in my blog when I was 6 weeks pregnant. Not all of my friends and family knew about my blog in the beginning. I was just starting out and I wanted to make sure my blog would be worth while before I told people about it. Well a few weeks ago I finally told some of my friends and family about my blog. And for those that actually came and read it…they found out I was pregnant. And the others…well they are finding out now because I am posting this blog on FB.

Well I am 12 weeks pregnant! Yeah!!!!

This is supposed to be the so-called “miracle” week. The end of the first trimester. My body is supposed to tell itself….hey look…you are 12 weeks along….you can stop being nauseous…you can stop throwing up…you can stop being uncomfortable and finally enjoy this pregnancy. Well I am counting down the days. I know people that were sick for 7 of the 9 months.  My OB says by week 12 I should be noticing a difference. Well so far I am 12 weeks and 2 days and still feeling like crap. Come on miracle week….show me some love!!!!

12 weeks.2

Ok…now on to some good news. We had our 4 week follow up ultrasound and our first trimester screening yesterday. We got to see our little munchkin movin around and being active. The ultrasound lady thinks it’s a girl and we always thought it was a girl…so until I hear different I’m going to say she. Im pretty sure she is a girl but we will find out for sure in 6 weeks. This time the Hubby and I decided to take little D with us to the appointment. At first I thought I was going to be torture because little D fell asleep in the car and woke up when we got there. So his nap was a big fat 15 minutes. 15 minutes compared to his normal 2 hours….I thought we would have a tormentor all day…but he was actually good. He saw the ultrasound on the screen and said:

Little D: “whats that?

Dad: “that’s the baby in mommy’s belly.”

Little D: “oh how cute!” “its so cute.” “Can I say hi to the baby?”

Dad: “yes you can.”

Then little D gets closer to the screen and waves to it and says hi. And then walks over to my belly rubs it and says, “hi baby. I see you soon. I love you.”

My baby boy is so cute. He always finds a way to make my day. Happy 12 weeks!


4 comments on “It’s FB official!

  1. That was a beautiful blog. Your supposed to say you need help please come mom. Its only for 6 months….

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