Flu Shot: yes or no??

Well I haven’t quite decided if I like the flu shot or not. I’m not really a conspiracy type person but for some reason when it comes to the flu shot…conspiracy seems to be the first thing that pops into my head. Is the government giving everyone something other than a flu shot??? I know…government conspiracies are for the birds……but I can’t seem to get that thought out of my head.

I also don’t like the idea of giving myself an old virus just to make sure I don’t get a new one. Some people get “flu like” symptoms after taking the shot…..which to me….means you get the flu! My sons pediatrician said you don’t get the flu you just get side effects like:

  • Achy body
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Fatigue

Hummmmmm…..is it just me…or does that sound like THE FLU!!!!!

So needless to say……I haven’t gotten the flu shot for myself. But we did cave and get it for my son. He has been in day care for almost a year and the first few months he was there…he was literally sick every other week. It was a range of illnesses from flu, cold, stomach virus to a small case of RSV.  The small case of RSV took us 3 LONG months to get rid of. So finally his pediatrician talked with us about the flu shot. He said that if the parents don’t want it then he doesn’t pressure them….but for our situation he is willing to talk to us about it. He thought we needed it. We needed to stop our little man from getting sick. And of course because he is in day care…..the flu shot isn’t a cure all…because there is still stomach virus and a simple cold…but it could stop the major illnesses that are passed at day cares. Not sure if this statistic is true….but his doctor said that about 90% of the kids at day care that get sick are the ones that don’t get the flu shot.

Well…with how sick he was getting lately we believed that statistic. We decided that this flu shot had to make it “a little” better. Right??

Well it has been about 4 months has he hasn’t gotten sick yet. (knock on wood) So….I am thinking that it works. And even though his shot seemed to have worked…my other concern is that with the shot my son got…his doctor said that each flu vaccine has a % attached to it with how well it works. And his had a 90%.  But what happens when its at a 40%….do you still take it???

And should I take it while Im pregnant????  AHHHHH…what to do!?!?!?!?!


4 comments on “Flu Shot: yes or no??

  1. Difficult, I personally won’t take mine when it’s offered. My partner gets one every year because of his ashtma and he suffers badly after, proper 3 days in bed with ‘flu like symptons’ and very painful arms. I think I prefer to dose up the vitamine c and eat extra healthy though I would never say never 😉 Im sure you will know what to do soon enough

  2. I did get the flu shot for a variety of reasons..one of the main reasons being that I am a teacher and work with 60 students everyday. I got it when I was five weeks pregnant. I did get a cold about a month or so after but it resolved itself after several days.

    • I think I jinxed myself with this post. Right after I posted it….my son came home with strep throat and 103 fever. Why can’t they make a vaccine for that!! LOL

      I think because you are a teacher it was definitely smart for you to get it. Glad you are doing good. I am definitely tempted to get it myself. We will see. 🙂

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