Rough Weekend

This weekend was a little rough. I was either sick or cleaning or doing glorified babysitting. On Saturday I was having a bridal shower at my house so I had to clean it all day Friday. My hubby helped me with a lot of it so I’m very thankful for that. But even with the help I quickly ran out of energy. And being nauseous on top of it didn’t help.
I threw my sister-in-law/Best friend a bridal shower at my house Saturday afternoon. Everything was going okay until I realized that her friends are were a little boring. Everyone literally sat around in a circle and small convos were going on the whole time and the games were little boring. And since my sister-in-law was only going to be in town that weekend I decided to do her bachelorette party on the same day. I had it all planned out. Bridal shower… Then everyone takes a break… And meets up again at 6:30. I signed everyone up to do a pole fitness class. And then we were going to go to dinner and then barhopping after that.
Well 30 minutes before the class we had a few people drop out…. Which didn’t help since i had already paid for it. And finally after some talking from my sister-in-law… We ended up only being one short for the class. Then we all get to the class thinking we will have a good time…everybody’s laughing and giggling…and we will all make fun of each other…. But we don’t even get that far. The owner of the pole class business tried to tell me that I had to pay more than I already did. Well that didn’t work for me….so I told her I wasn’t paying more. She had a hissy fit and went to go find her computer to find my email stating how much I was going to pay for. 15 Minutes later she found the email and said “oh I’m so sorry it’s my fault…you’re right…you don’t have to pay extra.” Gee thanks! i already knew that! Well now…we’re 15 minutes late on the class and some of us are little irritated.
The class finally starts and it ends up being really really fun. The lady taught us sexy dance and how to spin on the pole. It was quite comical to see me…the pregnant girl …spinning on the pole… And trying to dance sexy with a big ol stomach sticking out. And yes I’m only 10 weeks along…but my stomach is definitely sticking out. There is no hiding this pregnancy!!! She ends up giving us 20 minutes after our end time… To make up for the lost time….Which was nice of her but now were all late for dinner. So we all throw on our fancy dresses, run to the car and drive really fast to the restaurant. We get there about 10 minutes after the reservation starts. (And thank God they didnt cancel the reservation… Because they very well could have.) Then we all start ordering food and I ordered steak which I’ve been craving for the last week. Well they come back and say they are out-of-steak!! What!!! Out-of-steak!!!! The kind of restaurant would be out-of-steak at 9pm!!! So instead they give me the closest thing to steak on their menu…some kind of Korean beef. The Korean plate ended up being $25… And it only came with 5 thin slices of meat and nothing else. Needless to say I was hungry and angry! And because I didn’t have much to eat my nausea came back. I took my pill and it took about an hour to kick in. I look around the table and everyone looks bored out of their minds. Finally everyone said they were ready to go so we headed to the bar.
We get to the bar (and at least this part was fun). Everyone hung out…and only half of the people were drinking. Some were playing connect 4 and some were playing Jenga. Everyone danced and laughed and joked around.
Here comes the hard part for me….My normal bed time is 10pm. So midnight comes around and I am starting to fade. The 3 sober people were ready to go but the tipsy people were not ready yet. They would say they were ready and then 2 seconds later order another drink and start a new game. 2am comes around and the clubs are closed. We start walking to the car and my hubby has the bright idea to get pizza. He takes us to this pizza place that had the nastiest pizza I have ever tasted. It was definitely drunk people pizza. You had to be drunk to not care how bad it tasted. 3am comes around and i finally get everyone to the car. And of course being the sober one…I am the DD. I drop everyone off…take home my sitter (grandma)…and finally get home at 340.
I finally get to fall asleep at 4am…..and then my toddler wakes up at 830. Yep…4 hours of sleep! Then i wake up throwing up….surprise surprise. And to top that I have a headache that won’t go away. I try to take a nap but it doesn’t work. My Sunday consisted of, nausea, vomiting, migraines, tired and trying to entertain a toddler. (Oh wait….other than the headache…that is my everyday. Ok I digress.)
Anyways….suffice it to say….I had a busy, complicated, sick weekend. I did not want Monday to come when it did. I prayed to the time gods for one more weekend day…. But they didn’t listen. Boooooooo


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