Pregnant & Lack of Grooming

I have to admit…I am the type of person that cannot leave my house without makeup on, my hair done, and a decent outfit on.  And I am not saying this because I am vain and I “must” look pretty. I am saying this because there is a little insecurity in me that really cares what people think about me. I can’t walk out of the house without my hair done because not only do I have short hair but I have naturally curly hair. So without product and a straightener…I have a little bit of a “finger in the electric socket” look about me.  And I can’t walk out of the house without make up on because there are times that I feel like I look like a boy without make up on.  And I don’t like walking out of the house without a decent outfit on because I don’t want to look like a bum.

Well with this pregnancy…all of those rules and thoughts about myself went out the window. I don’t have enough energy to do my daily routine (work, take care of a toddler, go to the park, go to the gym, make dinner and go to bed)….let alone care about what I look like. I haven’t done my makeup in weeks. I haven’t straightened my hair in weeks. (I put a little product in it after the shower and slick it back to my head….hoping and praying that it dries that way)  I have been wearing sun dresses every day. I feel like I am wearing a mumu….to cover my fatness….but really it’s for comfort.

At this point I have lost all concern with what people think about how I look. I don’t really care myself. Haha. It’s terrible. I feel bad for my family. We leave the house as a family and my husband looks handsome (like always – he is slightly metro) and my son always looks cute….and then mommy walks out looking like a hobo.

It doesn’t look like I am going to get any “you look so cute pregnant” comments this time.

Hopefully I grow out of the feeling like blah… self-esteem is gonna need a little boost sometime soon.


5 comments on “Pregnant & Lack of Grooming

  1. Awwww..all us mommies felt that way. I’ve never seen you without make-up or your hair done! I’m gonna request a mandatory meeting so I can witness this. Hang in there! 🙂

  2. I knew it! Congrats April! I’m really happy for you and your family. Sounds like it’s been a rough pregnancy so far with the morning sickness and cysts, but I hope the medication and surgery help to take care of that and you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! I look forward to reading more. I hear you on the “how I look” thing. Once you’re putting your energy into a toddler and a baby growing on the inside…your outside appearances fall pretty low on the priority list. AND THATS OK! You’re beautiful and your family loves you for who you are…not how you look! Congrats again!

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