My Not So Happy Easter Week (I know Im a little late with this post)

The hubby and I started our day cleaning house and boiling some eggs so our little man could paint eggs for the first time. The “plan” was to paint eggs, make my “holiday” cupcakes…then go to grandma’s house at 6pm for an egg hunt and dinner. Well Easter didn’t go exactly as planned. There were last minute changes to the schedule. We got a call at noon that the family didn’t want to do dinner this year…they wanted to go to grandma’s at noon instead. So we jumped in the shower and ate a quick lunch and headed over to grandma’s.

I forgot the eggs at the house (on the counter) so needless to say by the time I got home those had to go in the trash. I didn’t get to make my holiday cupcakes. The ones I told myself that “every holiday I will do some kind of baking”. At grandma’s house all of the kids are in the 69 deg pool. FREEZING! But you know kids…they didn’t care. Lips quivering, body shaking and they were still playing. Blows my mind! But of course I didn’t know my little man would be in the pool so I didn’t bring a change of clothes. I didn’t even bring the diaper bag (which has a change of clothes in it all the time)…talk about pregger brain. But anyways…. The kids get out of the pool…and they all want to paint eggs. LUCKILY…my sister-in-law brought enough eggs and colors so my little one got to paint a couple eggs. The kids ran around some more. Played in the water some more. They broke the Easter piñata (this was a new thing for us – we usually only do this at birthday parties). And then they did a small egg hunt. And of course…stuffed their faces with candy.

Being the impatient pregnant girl that I am…I wanted to go home. My toddler didn’t get a nap. It’s now 6pm and I didn’t want to entertain anymore. I didn’t want to be around people. I didn’t want my bra on. I just wanted to go home. And of course my hubby and his brother are really close…and getting those 2 to stop talking to each other is like pulling teeth. I waited by the door ready to go for 2 hours! Yes I said it…..2 hours!!!!

Finally we go home. I eat dinner…relax and go to bed. 2 am comes around and my little man woke up crying saying his tummy hurts. I go in his room…pick him up and lucky me….he threw up all over me. We finally made it to the toilet and he threw up some more. I look…and its ALL CANDY!!  He lays with me (next to a bucket) and sleeps then throws up then sleeps then throws up. This went on until about 5 am. He finally wakes up around 8am and feels fine. I am always a little weary about sending him to school when he throws up. So I keep him home. I know it was probably because he had too much candy but I can’t help being cautious. And because its Monday…I had to work. Trying to work with a toddler at home all day….NOT AN EASY TASK. Thankfully, there was no more throw up…BUT…because he missed his nap the day before….he was a TERROR!!!  He cried about everything. Screamed for more candy…which I told him he couldn’t have for a week! I don’t know how many times I had to send him to his room. There were so many punishments that day I lost count. I don’t think I have ever been that frustrated and impatient. And the pregnancy hormones didn’t help with that situation.

Sadly…this temperamental toddler routine went on for 3 DAYS!!! He only stayed home the 1 day…but that didn’t stop the tantrums or crying or the “mine” or “I do it!!!” screams. I was at my limit and then Thursday comes along and my 2 year old finally became the nice 2 year old that I know and love. Maybe he knew I was reaching my limit…who knows….but for some reason he returned. THANK GOD!!


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