Good News

Well…I went and saw the oncologist today and we got some good news. Even though one of my cysts has cancer features…there is only a 2% chance of it actually being cancer. And if it is cancer…then there is only a 1% change that its they type of cancer that needs chemo. Great News.

So now we are going to monitor the size of the cysts. If they get too be too big or cause me pain then I would have to have surgery to take them out. The goal would be to:

  1. not have surgery
  2. if I do have surgery  – be less invasive (laproscopic)
  3. if I do have surgery  – try to save some of my ovary

If I do have surgery and they do have to take my whole ovary….then after I have the baby and the hormones stop….I will go into surgical menopause. YUK!!!!! Not looking forward to that!

So our plan (as of now)…is to have another ultrasound at 12 weeks to check the size and see how I am doing. I am 9 weeks today….so we will wait and see.


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