Scorpions: a horrible creature

Scorpions are my worst nightmare!

I have lived in Arizona for just about 19 years now… And I didn’t start seeing scorpions until a few years ago. Our last house was a new build… And you always find them with new builds because you’re digging up their ground. The house we are in now… We have been here for two years… And we have seen more than I am comfortable with. Granted it’s only been about 10 of them… But 10 is more than enough for me!
I think scorpions are one of God’s worst creations. I’m moved to Arizona from California… And I thought okay… California has black widow spiders (which I used to see all the time outside)… And Arizona has scorpions and rattlesnakes. I should be okay right? Wrong!!! Dumb me… I didn’t take into account that scorpions can be INSIDE the house.
They scare me to death. I get anxiety attacks anytime I see one. We have seen three in the last six months. One stung my husband on the back… The other flew off my bedspread when I was checking my sheets…. and this morning I almost stepped on one because it was right in front of the fridge. I am not happy about this!

It’s bad enough that they scare me and give me anxiety attacks… but I also have a toddler…AND now I’m pregnant!



2 comments on “Scorpions: a horrible creature

  1. I live here in Arizona too (and also pregnant). We have our place sprayed about every other month or so and never see any scorpions inside the house! I have found a couple dead ones, so I guess that means the exterminator is doing his job! Hopefully this helps… good luck!

    • Thanks for the reply. Yeah…we spray monthly. And our neighbors don’t spray at all…so a lot of them come from over their wall. Thankfully they are moving soon so hopefully we can talk the new neighbors into spraying too. 🙂

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