My toddler is a little OCD

My little boy is as smart as can be. I may just be saying that because I am his mommy. But I believe it. He is 2 years old. He knows his ABC’s, he counts to 20, he talks all the time, he walked at 8 months, he was potty trained at 18 months, he is a quick learner and he is just all around smart. (dusting off my shoulders…haha…just kidding)  I am definitely not trying to gloat…just trying to give you a background on my little man.  His daddy and I are working hard to keep him interested in learning and trying to keep learning fun.

With that little bit of history….I have a concern. I think my baby is a little OCD. It’s not far-fetched that this a possibility because his dad is slightly OCD and so am I. We are not so OCD that we need therapy or medication. We don’t have to count a certain amount of times before we can move on. Nothing like that. Ours is more on the simple side. There are certain things that are a must….shirts must be color coordinated and in order of sleeve size, dishes all have to be in the right cabinet – in the right direction, etc. And I think this has rubbed off on my child.

Here is my example: We like to play counting games with him. We get things like pennies or skittles or cereal (pretty much anything that is similar but can be grouped together). Our goal is to have him count each item and if they are in a line…then he needs to count them in order and not skip over one. This teaches him organization skills, order and counting at the same time. BUT… without our guidance….before my baby can start this process he takes each item (which ever it is for that day) and he will put it in order of size, shape, or color and put them all in a line. Keep in mind this is before we have even started the counting game. And if you take one out of the order he puts it back in order and then he tells you “NO!” as he puts it back where you got it from.

The example of that little craziness is when we play with skittles. We dump some of the bag on the table. So they are all mixed up. He takes each one and puts all similar colors together, puts them all in a straight line, THEN turns them all so the “S” is facing up and in the same direction. THEN he will start the counting game.  CRAZY I KNOW!!!

skittles 1skittles 3I have to admit…It’s cute! BUT….it is still a little unnerving as a parent. I am hoping and praying that he doesn’t have a true diagnosis of OCD. I am hoping that he is only “slightly” OCD like mommy and daddy because this is something that we can contain. I know that he is only 2 but this is something that I will be keeping my eye on.


2 comments on “My toddler is a little OCD

  1. I truly believe that all toddlers/preschoolers are a little OCD. I think it’s their way of demonstrating what little control they have in the world! Your little guy sounds like quite the overachiever, though. Shows that you guys have been doing your job well!

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