Ultrasound Results

Well on Thursday I went in to the see the doctor to discuss the findings on my ultrasound. I already had an idea of what they were going to say (since we went through this already with my last baby). So the results are not good but not surprising either.

Well they decided I need to have surgery again. The surgery has to wait until I am at least 12 weeks pregnant. (when the baby is stronger) The cysts are growing daily. Now there are 3 cysts and all 3 are bigger than the original 1 that I started off with. They are only 3cm right now. (keep in mind a month ago they were only 1cm) But they will keep growing. If its anything like the last time….the cyst got to the size of a gatorade bottle before they took it out. And now there are 3. YEKKKK!!

The other bad news that I got was they are now sending me to an GYN oncologist because 1 of the 3 cysts is made up of cancerous features. They have no way of telling if its actual cancer until they do the surgery. The oncologist will look at my notes and decide what type of surgery I will have. If they do a full abdominal cut (like last time) then I will be out of commission for about 6 weeks. That means no picking up my toddler, no lifting heavy things, being limited in what I do until the muscles and the cut heals. And if they do the surgery laproscopically then I will only be out of commission for 2 weeks.

2 weeks is better than 6 weeks but I am pretty sure my toddler is not going to like either option.

I guess my best option right now is to hope for the best….stay positive….and dont jump to conclusions. I will wait to hear from the oncologist to see what they say. Who knows…either way I just have to tell myself….”think positive thoughts….think positive thoughts…..”


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