New Bedtime Routine

Now that we have another baby on the way…I need to change my toddlers bed time routine. (or so my husband says) His bed time is still 9pm. I’m not changing that. Only because it works for the whole family. I’m not even ready to feed him until 7pm…let alone put him to bed. But how I put him to bed is my current issue.

Usually I lay down with him in his bed until he falls asleep. Sometimes this can take up to 30 minutes. I miss out on hanging out with my hubby or if we have people over then I miss hanging out with them and having normal “adult” conversation. And with the new one coming I’m not sure I’m going to have that 30 minutes to cuddle with my little boy (or any of the other things I listed above).

But… I enjoy these 30 minutes with my baby boy. It’s the time when he is calm and cuddly…and not the loud wild and crazy, little boy he normally is.  But I guess my hubby is right. I need to make sure I am not enabling him…making him need me to go to bed….and it will also give me more time for myself and the new baby.

So for about a week now….I have changed the routine just a little. Daddy plays with him in his room for almost an hour. Then I give him his meds, brush his teeth and go to bed. We go in his room…..he turns out the lights and the ceiling glows in stars. We sing twinkle, twinkle little star. Then we say his prayers. And I give him some kisses and tell him he has to be a big boy now and go to sleep by himself. He cries…I pat his back for a couple of minutes then I leave. He cries some more and calls for his daddy. Dad goes in and works his magic and the boy is asleep. I’m not sure what he does but it works. I asked him once and he said I just walk in there and tell him to be a big boy and go to sleep by himself, kiss him on the forehead and he falls asleep. Why it works for him and not me….who knows!! He has the magic touch I guess.

All I know is this new routine is only about 15 minutes rather than 30. So even though I get less calm toddler time…..its showing him independence and also giving me more adult time. It’s a win win!  I think every once in a while I may have to sneak in a few extra calm minutes but for the most part…this new routine works for me (and him).


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