Zofran – my hero!

Yes… I caved! I took the pill…but I have to say it was probably the best decision I have ever made. Zofran is my new best friend!! I took the pill this morning and it was amazing. The last 4 weeks my mornings have consisted of me turning on my work computer, keeling over while holding my tummy and taking small breaths….trying REALLY hard not to throw up on my computer…..not playing with my baby boy, not making him a real breakfast (my poor baby was living off of frozen breakfast boxes and frozen waffles…I know terrible!), and sometimes I would just lay on couch and pray for the nausea and pain to go away. That feeling went on ALL DAY long…but worse in the morning.

Today….today was a new day!!!!  I’m happy…I’m talking to my family…I’m laughing at my baby boy….I turned on my work computer, did some work, then played with my baby boy, danced around with him, made him breakfast and chased him around. He was in heaven. I was in heaven. It was great. I feel fantastic. This pill not only helped me but it helped my little boy. I think he was missing his normal routine with mommy. So I am happy to be able to give that back to him.

And to top it all off….I was able to eat breakfast and it didn’t come back up to visit me 10 minutes later!

It was the cutest thing I have ever seen…..the baby was still asleep in his room….we turned on the music (really low, of course) while I worked and my hubby was ironing his work clothes. Little D woke up and walked into the living room and just started jammin. He was dancing around…clapping his hands….gettin his groove on! It was adorable! Apparently we both woke up on the right side of the bed.  J

Life is good!  (again)


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