Dream Interpretation

What is in a dream? Is it your thoughts, your fears, your subconscious telling you what your next step should be, your mind telling you a story, a rendition on what you just talked about or saw right before you fell asleep…..the possibilities are what you make of them. There could be a lot or reasons you dream the way you do or what you dream about.  The reason I say the way you do is because my husband dreams completely different than the way I do. For example, he can’t ever remember his dreams. When he wakes up it’s like a blank slate. When I dream I wake up remembering everything I dreamt about…good and bad. My dreams are so vivid it’s like watching a movie in HD or sometimes even 3D.

For me there are different reasons that I dream and quite a few are from the list above. A lot of the time I dream about what I have just seen or talked about right before I fell asleep. So for that reason, I have a rule. I can’t watch any scary movies or talk about bugs right before bed. I watch scary movies all the time. It’s thrilling. I have no problem with it. BUT if I watch it right before bed I will have nightmares that are not only vivid but include people I know and I tend to remember when I wake up. Believe me….it sucks.  But then I believe that I have some that are my subconscious is trying to tell me something. I have certain dreams that are reoccurring. They don’t always have the same “exact” scenes but they always have the same theme. I wasn’t sure what to make of this so I grabbed a couple of “Dream Interpretation” books and websites. I knew there were books out there that “try” to explain reoccurring dreams but I had never really put to much thought to them….until now.

And don’t get me wrong….I am not a full believer in these books or theories…but I thought it would be interesting to get a different explanation on the dreams I’m having. True or not. And because I read a few of these books I took the interpretations that were repetitive in a few books or ones that made sense (compared to my life).

Here is a list of some of my reoccurring dreams and interpretations that I found:

Forgetting how to do something

  • I wasn’t able to find any dream interpretation on forgetfulness

Working at an old job and forgetting how to do it. (waitressing, paperwork, etc)

  • I wasn’t able to find any dream interpretation on forgetfulness, working an old job, not knowing how to do your job.

Loosing teeth/Teeth falling out

  • Apparently teeth are a common dream. I didn’t know that. I thought I was the only one. AND I thought it was because I was worried that I wasn’t brushing enough or that maybe I had a cavity. But I was wrong. Dreaming about teeth falling out is about your worries and anxieties about your appearance or power status and how others perceive you. And if your teeth are falling out then it’s your anxiety about others seeing you as losing your looks, getting old, or losing a power status (whatever it may be). Or something to that effect.

Never-ending gum. Try to take it out of the mouth and it never stops.

  • This usually means that you are unsure of how to handle a situation. Or you have come across a problem that is overwhelming. You are experiencing indecision, powerlessness, or frustration.

Getting lost

  • This means that you have lost direction in your life or your goals.

Losing someone. Being with people I know and then losing them in a crowd.

  • This means there is is a conflict or unresolved issues with the person that you have lost. This one doesn’t make as much sense to me as the person I am losing in my dream is my hubby or my son. I don’t have any issues with either of them….so I’m not sure how to translate this one.

The good thing is I haven’t had these dreams in a while….so things must be looking up for me. But seeing the descriptions makes me look back at the times when I did have the dreams and some of the explanations fit and some don’t. I think I will have to wait until it happens again to decide if I believe or not. Either way it’s a good way to help look inside yourself to see how your brain works and what you brain is trying to tell you about your life. Whether you believe the interpretations or not….it’s something to think about.

Here is a list of the site I got the info from:





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