Feeling pregnant ALREADY!

Okay I know I’m only five weeks pregnant…but I am already feeling the woes of being pregnant. So far, this pregnancy is completely different than the last one. And again….I am only 5 weeks. This is going to be a ROUGH 9 ½ months!!!

My last pregnancy was nice.  Other than my surgery at 4 months, it was a pretty decent pregnancy. I didn’t have any real complaints until the 8th month and I was done! But that feeling is normal. (so I’ve heard) But this one……its is not treating me well at all.

Here is a list of the many symptoms I am having “ALREADY”:

  • Tired ALL THE TIME!
  • Emotions are through the roof
    • its like PMS on steroids. Happy, mad, sad, tired…..I cant make up my mind.  (insert pouty face)
  • I’m Easily Angry
    • my husband made fun of me the other day, while I was cutting lettuce for tacos. And I didn’t take it very well. My eyes flared, knife pointed in his direction and a few choice words were said……and he put his hands in the air and backed away from me.  I know that is terrible BUT he hasn’t made fun of me since then. He is actually supportive of my feelings. Its amazing what a simple threat will do. (wink wink)….and for those of you that know me…you know that I am all talk when it comes to my wonderful husband. I would never actually hurt him. But him seeing my face like that and according to him “my tone” let him know that I was seriously saying “Don’t Make Fun of Me!!!!!”
  • Crying
    • There is an unexplained and abundance amount of crying!!!!!  The other day my pregnancy hormones decided that they wanted me to cry while driving home from work. The whole way!!! For no reason!!  It was a good 30 minutes of crying…for nothing. Pitiful! Everything is making me cry. Commercials, music, looking at people, talking to people, listening to people, watching my son, the list goes on and on……
  • Stuffy Nose
  • Shortness of breath
    • I don’t have asthma. I do have allergies. But for some reason…last night I was having a hard time breathing.  I was wheezing. And my chest started hurting. I looked it up on the internet (because you can believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet…hahaha) and a lot of sites said it was normal while pregnant. Though most of them were in the 2nd and 3rd trimester – where the baby is big enough to push on the lungs but there were a few for the 1st trimester that say its because your lungs are expanding to prepare for the baby. Either way it was pretty scary. I drank some cold water (because I heard it helped) and I laid down for a while. It seemed to help because it was gone the next morning.
  • Chest pain
    • The chest pain happened last night when I started wheezing. It felt like something was sitting on my chest.  I also noticed that this has happened a few hours after Zumba. Which is weird…..I thought it would have been right after….but it doesn’t happen for about 3 hours after Zumba.
  • Forgetful
    • I can’t seem to remember anything. This didn’t happen to me until the middle of my pregnancy last time. This time it was almost instant. I will be in the middle of a conversation, even the middle of a sentence and I will stop talking and forget what I was talking about. My husband will give me little reminders to help spark the memory but it doesn’t always help. It feels like I have the mind of a goldfish.
  • Boobs are huge
  • Weird aversion to food
    • I don’t want to eat anything. You would think I was on a diet. I have to force myself to eat. Nothing looks good. I’m not nauseas or anything….I just don’t want to eat.
  • My stomach is getting bigger
    • It doesn’t make sense. My stomach is starting to stick out. I can’t seem to suck it in.  I look like I am 3-4 months pregnant when I’m not. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not a skinny girl but I’m also not a big girl. I’m pretty average for my height and I work out all the time….so this is weird for me.
  • My stomach is sensitive
    • I know that my baby is only the size of a poppy seed…but apparently my stomach is already sensitive. I can’t wear pants that button on my lower stomach. Or actually just touch my stomach. I’m fine for about 10 minutes…then it turns into an uncomfortable feeling…then an OH MY GOD get it off of me!!!  Weird!

If this pregnancy keeps going this route then I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this one as much.  I’m hoping that’s not the way it is… I really enjoyed my last pregnancy (aside from the surgery at four months)… And I am really hoping to enjoy this one.

We will see……


2 comments on “Feeling pregnant ALREADY!

  1. My first two I was sick until after my 1st trimester…with my 3rd I was sick longer than that. Hopefully this will pass after your 1st and you’ll be glowing again. 🙂

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