Life of a Working Mom

I have to say….working a full time job and taking care of a toddler is no easy thing. Every minute of my day is planned out. I was never a true fan of structure but once you have a kid…..being a fan doesn’t really matter. I came to find that he needed the structure. And I needed the structure for my sanity.

All I can say is thank God for working from home, day care, educational cartoons and a baby that likes to sleep. My future goal is to either not work at all and stay home with my babies OR work part time and the rest of the time be at home with my babies.

Every day has its own challenges. It’s helped me to have a little morning structure….

  • work for a couple hours before baby wakes up
  • make breakfast
  • eat and work at the same time
  • get baby dressed for school
  • brush Teeth
  • take baby to Day Care
  • work until its time to pick up the baby

My day actually starts at 630 in morning. Around 8 am my husband has already left for work and my baby is barley rolling out of bed.  Thank God he is a late riser because that gave me about an hour and a half to get some work done before he got up. And I know what everyone out there says…..don’t let the TV raise your child….but there are some instances where I don’t have any control over that. It’s either let him watch TV or I don’t have a job. So TV it is. (side pout and shrugging shoulders)  I do have to say that I limit what he watches. And I try to stick to the educational shows. So when 8 am comes around Sesame Street, Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Caillou are my little helpers.

And I have to admit….we have a cute little set up for our morning routine. I have my work desk with computer (next to the fireplace we don’t use).  His little TV is next to my desk. We both sit in our office chairs…me working and him watching his cartoons.  And on certain days he is a cuddle bunny and will sit on my lap instead. Then…soon after he gets up, I make him breakfast and I continue working while he eats.   By the time day care comes he is ready to go and play with his friends. He only goes to day care part time. He gets to go play with friends while I work away the rest of my 10 hour shift. Yes I said it…..10 hour shift. I decided to do 4 10’s because it gives me 3 full days with my baby boy and I don’t have to worry about schedules and not spending time with my baby. But soon its time to pick up the baby from day care…and I feel like I got nothing done in these meager hours he has been gone….but still…its time to pick him up. I take my lunch when I pick him up, so I can play with him when he gets home. I do it that way so he doesn’t feel like there’s no “baby” time….and it’s straight back to a computer. I only have about an hour left of work….and while I finish that hour… he is running around, playing with his toys, chasing the dogs and playing in the back yard.

And then a little afternoon structure starts…..

  • pick up baby from day care
  • work for a little bit
  • play in the park for an hour
  • go to the gym for an hour (daddy is finally home and he joins us at the gym)
  • come home and make dinner (daddy and I take turns making dinner)
  • eat dinner as a family
  • take a bath
  • brush teeth
  • play with daddy for about 30 minutes and read books
  • put him down for bed

Then I FINALLY get the mommy break I SOOOOO deserve!  I get to relax, read a good (adult) book, watch a show that is inappropriate for kids (my favorites: Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal), hang out with my wonderful hubby and do “me things” for about 2 hours before I finally pass out.

Sometimes I wonder how many other mom’s have this same problem?!?!?!


2 comments on “Life of a Working Mom

  1. I’m with you though we have a strict no TV policy for our toddler. The only time she ever watched TV is probably few minutes here and there while we are waiting at the doctor’s office or at a restaurant. On top, my husband travels 100%, so it’s all me after in the evening too 😦

    • I don’t think anyone in our household can go without TV. I understand the controversy when it comes to child development but I couldn’t do it. Terrible I know. When I grew up my family owned a video store….so movies and TV was all I knew. It became my addiction. Don’t even ask how many movies I own. My husband had to cut Off my movie buying privileges. LOL! Anyways….Thanks for your reply!! 🙂

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