Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

valentines day1Well its Valentine’s Day and its also my anniversary. My hubby and I have been together for 19 years. Only married 14 years. I celebrate both anniversaries…because I am cool like that. Just kidding…we have been together long enough that I think both dates count.  And because we have been together for so long….we don’t really do anything for anniversaries or birthdays anymore. So instead of getting him a gift….I decided that I will make holiday cupcakes instead. And being that my husband doesn’t eat sweets…I will have to give most of them away. But that’s ok. I find baking to be relaxing. And this will be my first time making decorated cupcakes.

And I have to say….I think they came out very well. My husband even ate some of them…mind you he took off all of the frosting….but hey….at least he ate them. (insert big cheesy smile)

I used the Heavenly White Cake recipe and the frosting recipe on my “Snowman Cake Balls” post. For details…please look there.  Thanks…..(wink)

Please note: this was originally posted on my Baking and Reading Blog but that has since been deleted.


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